Hi, I'm Angie.

I've been photographing the full range of human emotions and life experiences for over 20 years. My roots are in the American midwest, which is where I grew up, got married, had a family, and created a business centered on what makes each of us so uniquely beautiful. My appreciation of all kinds of people, combined with a focus on simple truth-telling through emotion and imagery, is central to my work. I would love to bring this perspective to your photographs.

You'll find me looking for the raw moments, the sweet spots of vulnerability and unexpected connection. How wonderful it is that we have the ability to document our stories in this way! I'm so grateful for that.

Angie Lipscomb lives in Cincinnati, OH with her husband, kids, and two sweet rescue pups in an old house.

“BEST! Professional above all else. It always amazes me what we get back from the moments she captures.”